social hotspot®

social hotspot®
  • Creates another digital marketing commercial channel
  • Converts a “cost only” technology in to feature rich guest experience
  • Captures ongoing usage and behavior data
3 Components of social hotspot®
  • Feature rich guest experience
  • Enterprise-grade technology
  • Data capture & insights
3 Value Drivers of social hotspot®
  • Primary user database combined with guest behavior
  • Context specific consumer communication & awareness
  • Monetize the smart phone digital billboard
  • Customized splash-page
  • One-click login
  • Social media login
  • International set-up & language
  • Dynamic WiFi messaging
  • Micro surveys
  • Landing page
  • Content filter & capacity limits
  • Secure WiFi & usage set up
  • Unlimited & time limited WiFi
  • Multiple SSID networks
  • Managed hotspot
  • Customer profile data
  • Usage behavior data
  • Analytics report & dashboard
  • Location analytics & heat mapping
  • API link & data automation
  • Built-in beacon technology

Tap into a gold mine of consumer behavior information via your guest WiFi

Capture behavior and habits to get insights on your customers with social hotspot®.
social hotspot® is designed to gather information on your WiFi users’ buying habits, allowing you to customize your offerings based on their profiles.

Plug & Play

It’s that easy! We will take care of connecting you to social hotspot® so you won’t have to buy, load, configure, and maintain any software at all!

How does this work?


Deliver and raise awareness toward products / services when the user is at your venue


Present content dynamically based on whether this is a first time or repeat visitor, whether it is a resident or tourist etc.


Adapt content based on the user real-world location and deliver different content in line with physical store presentation


Make use of different guest experience features like pop-up, video pop-up, dynamic pop-up, slide show pop-up which change and are aligned with specific key events

The Commercial Rationale for using social hotspot®


  • Lower customer profile acquisition costs
  • Identify and collect ongoing user profiles


  • Provide value with the right message to the right audience at the right location at the right time


  • Communicate and deliver personalized message on the back of what you know about the visitor behaviour


  • Identify trends and changes to visitor rates
  • Pinpoint and target lapsed / infrequent visitors


  • Segment audience and optimize future engagement
  • Combine guest profile data with behavior information