Free Wifi

We understand your need to find the best possible and most cost-effective way to gather information on your customers. That’s where our service makes a real difference. It not only provides customer buying habits but customer profile data in real time, too.

Social Connect Solutions’ suite of products addresses your challenges for cost-efficient primary data acquisition, location-based marketing, analytics and service management. All of our products combine best in class firmware and versatile firmware. Our customers benefit from our focus on location based marketing and data, in particular the valuable end-to-end service bundle.

Our Offer

  • Integrated WiFi hotspot solutions
  • Enterprise grade hardware 
  • One click – simple access & navigation
  • Marketing / Advertising revenue potential
  • Client touch point data capture & analysis

Our Service

  • Splash page programming
  • Cloud-based solution
  • WiFi network service & maintenance
  • Access point set up both for indoor & outdoor use

Your Benefits

  • Enhanced business performance – seamless WiFi experience
  • Influence the path to purchase at each client touch point
  • Position and differentiate, understand your clients and potential clients
  • Influence product revenue mix and lifecycle point